• 18-0-0 FERT. W/ DIMENSION 



  • 20-0-4 FERT W/ TRIMEC

  • 28-0-3 FERT W/ 30%XCU

  • FERT 12-18-8 NEW SEED 1M

  • 21-00-03 50%CU .2%GRUBOUT

  • FERT + LIME 14-0-3 W/ 1.5FE (9K/SF)

EARLY SPRING (February-April)

Before the heavy growing season to get your lawn off to a good start FEED IT. Lawns wake up hungry after the New England Winters. 

  • Fertilizer 18-0-4 20%SCU w/ Dimension (crabgrass)

  • Fertilizer 24-0-3 30%XCU

  • Fetilizer 28-3-3 50%XCU 1.5%FE


LATE SPRING (April-June)

Supply your lawn with a feeding designed for this time of year.

  • Fertilizer 18-0-4 20%SCU w/ Dimension (crabgrass)

  • Fertilizer 22-0-4 25%SCU .72% Trimec (weed & feed)

  • Fertilizer 28-3-3 50%XCU 1.5%FE

  • Fertilizer 24-0-3 30%XCU


SUMMER (June-August)

Heat, drought, foot traffic and insects are tough on your grass. Feeding your lawn during the summer protects and strengthens it. 

  • Fertilizer 21-0-4 50%SCU .2% Grubout (grub control)

  • Fertilizer 20-0-4 25%SCU .72% Trimec (weed & feed)

  • Fertilizer 22-0-4     % w/ Trimec


FALL (September-November)

Fall is ideal for growing grass with the warm days, cool nights and morning dew. This is the time your grass needs to recover from all the damage. This is one of the most important lawn feedings of the year! This will streghthen the roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green lawn.


  • Osborne Estate Mix 50#

  • Osborne Estate Mix 25#

  • Osborne Dense Shade Mix 25#

  • Overseed / Tri-Rye Mix 50# (Quick Grow)

Feeding your Lawn...

5# to 10# per 1,000 square feet of coverage. 
Don't forget to apply starter Fertilizer 
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